full of stick arena hacks

HACKS 1st version

ok. this is where to get *FINAL* version (and what it does):

click here to download

what it does:

Change Name – Pose as anyone in the game and even with no characters in name at all.(must reenter the lobby or game for it to take effect)

Send Msgs/Speed Tweak*fixed* – Send as many messages to lobby and game chat as you want and quckly with no timeout.

Anti-lag – This will prevent you from getting booted at all from FPS or PING warning also will block the annoying lag from sledge when hackers are using reload hack with sledge.

mClient On/off – This will turn on M Client as in moderator client options? I’m not sure if this actually works or not but if you try going to lobby during round score display it wont work, but if you turn this on at the beginning of the game before logging in you have the choice of choosing server to join. I have no idea what or if there are M commands that work with the game(someone want to confirm this?).

Respawn – this will make you respawn to a new location during gameplay at anytime.

Reload Hack – This will make your weapon shoot fast as possible.

Ghost Mode – This will make you completely invisible to any attacks what so ever(must turn on when starting game and blinking or after respawning blinking, etc.)

Speed Hack – ..

ALL ON – will turn those ^ three above all on at same time.

HP hack – will simply make you have too much HP.

NotLogged IN/logged IN – NotLogged in will make you probably invisible to being kicked? during also will let you enter a lobby room when you QuickStart ‘ed into a game. I believe you should turn it back on when entering a lobby room or it could kick you from game?

Black Name – Will make you have a black name during gameplay and lobby(must re-enter game for this to take effect).

Wall Hack – This will completely destroy all walls in the game leaving nothing but a black background. You probably should click the wall hack button a few times so it leaves everything black. If you do not want wall hack on then you can click the Respawn button which will make it back to normal.

Rank Hack – There is a limit I believe to how much you can actually hack? To make it show up in game you have to Respawn or exit to lobby.

Color Hack – You can either choose color using the RED/GREEN/BLUE color sliders or manually put in the RGB values into the RED textbox, GREEN textbox.. and then click Color Hack button. In order to get the color hack to work you must choose the color you want first then hit the Color Hack button before logging into the game. *UPDATE*You must leave the Color hack on for it to work correctly. You can also preview how a different color will look in the game if you leave it on and choose another color then hit Respawn button in game or reenter lobby room, but the actual color you logged in with will still be active til you relog.


April 2, 2007 - Posted by | hacks

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